Blood Ties adaptations books read online (Television or Film)

The series «Blood Ties» has two seasons with 22 in each series. Each episode of the series is a single story, which is part of the overall story. The series was released by the book of Tanya Huff – Blood Price.

Vikki worked as a detective, but resigned because her eyesight has deteriorated. When she wanted to solve her problems, she met a guy Henry, who proved to be the vampire. At first they called themselves friends, but after a while their relationship became closer. In the first series we also get acquainted with the former partner Vikki — Mike, who was not only her partner but also her lover. Henry takes Vikki to the new, unknown world, which is very difficult to understand for her. This world includes not only criminals, swindlers and murderers. In the world there are demons, vampires, witches and werewolves. They all try to live together, but the majority wants freedom and power for their own race. Vikki and Henry have to stop the coming doomsday, because all this vermin prevents people to live in peace. In their daily fight against evil interferes Mike, since he wants to improve relations with his ex-woman. For the audience it is interesting to see this trio because Henry wants to get love from Vikki and his vampire strength can help him. Vikki can not understand herself and her feelings long time, because the world with demons and vampires scared and confused her. Each character is unique and interesting because it not completely revealed to the viewer. Everywhere in this story there is a secret and unfinished dialogue, so it keeps in suspense, thanks to the excellent play of actors and great scenery. Each episode shows to the audience a separate story of supernatural events that occur in our day.

Like any other adaptation of TV series «Blood Ties» took the basic plot of the book and added some new characters and stories. In total, here there are 44 series, each of which is still the main line of the series, but fills each series of its interesting and unusual charm. The audience really appreciated this series and hopes for the continuation. The creators of the series have considered this possibility, but they do not promise to continue.

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