Gossip Girl adaptations books read online (Television or Film)

The plot of the detective story starts with the beginning of a new year in a school where the go-go set go every ferial day. A macaroni haired girl comes back after a long period of absence. Her friends are full of enthusiasm and brand new ideas to spend the year as lively as possible. Lucky for them, the jeunesse doree have all the possibilities to fulfill their brainchilds. Lonely among the crowd of students, the poor siblings exert their efforts into being inside men. How the rich meet the challenge of the poor on the highroad to success?

The TV series would intrigue all categories of the spectators including young ladies (of course the greatest part of the smash hit belongs to handsome Penn Badgley who’s going to appear in a new movie 2016 “Prince of Monaco”, irresistible Ed Westwick whose dark magnetism charms through the screens, Chace Crawford, sleazy sophisticated), women (due to the same reasons), all ages of men (Blake Lively is the reason for those wh prefers the blonds, Leighton Meester for the amateurs of the brunettes, and Michelle Trachtenberg is the reason for all the previous parties).

The spectators who adore mysteries lasting to the end of the movie and electrifying them would be completely satisfied with it. The persons who prefer intrigues would enjoy the film as well. The people impressed by not only a plot grabbing the audiens but interested in a typical scene of English life, family life and relations between the teens, between the rich girl and a poor lad, between two souls in the development of the story. The movie would be intersting to many snappy dressers, because all the characters are dressed by the famous designers and couturiers. The spute attires complement each other and the picturesque scene in common. The atmosphere is full of sheer luxury including the glitter of the dresses and the flesh-pots. Even the poor characters are magnificant in their personality. The spectators preferring picturesque scenes and freshness of colors will take a fancy to it as well. The life of the highest layers of the society attracts many of us.

The TV series were created on basis of the book “It had to be you” by Cecily von Ziegesar and would be interesting to the amateurs of chick lit and fiction. A story about the Upper East Side is especially impressive for the dreamers of money and love, the eternal values.

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