Hannibal Lector. Red Dragon adaptations books read online (Television or Film)

«This story has been discussed by many critics, but beyond controversy it impresses audience all the time from the book output and beginning of its access to screens.

Actually, the work of Michael Mann, playing Hannibal Lecter, and his created characters popularity has been increased through years. This book contains breathtaking plot, analyses people’ psychological types by the wordplay and thoughts about motives of our everyday action.

For what we do something special? What can mean for us more than our life? Are we ready to risk it for someone’s sake? Do we know ourselves so faultlessly as we think?

House on the outskirts of the town… Silence in the night. Nobody expected what would happened next. And who can solve this puzzle? Another murder of the no way guilty family. What for?

A terrifying series of bloody killings and nobody in vain. The history is full of such examples, and what would be if someone dare to conduct an unusual investigation?

No witnesses, only traces of the crime: bloody rains on the walls, and nobody of the members of the family. Nobody nearby can tell anything.

But special FBI agent, called Will Graham cannot refrain from his own experiment, some kind of investigation. He then risks himself for preventing new crimes, looks through the psychology of the killer to understand, what motivates him. He tries to found out the cause, beginning to think like the criminal. Won’t it be dangerous? Nobody knows, but it is the only way out.

Whether he is aware that entered into the fatal alliance, with magnificent doctor, Hannibal Lecter. He isn’t a simple doc, he is a serial killer, which has been sent to prison by mr. Graham. Only Will can penetrate into the twisted mind of a psychopath, understand the mechanism holding the man nicknamed the Red Dragon.

And what will be happened next? Whether he will cope with it? If he does not pay off in the underworld, or will carry out its task? Not all mechanisms of psychological influence on the organism studied by us, and not everyone can control them. And what in this case can give us the story of Hannibal Lector?»

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