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Chloe King is a typical American teenager almost for everybody. She studies, walking to shops, fell in love with boys, but… Once she turns sixteen, she suddenly found out that something happens. She is not usual girl and she is not normal at all. She is a person with typical cat powers like claws and speed. Sure it’s never easy to be a student, but what are you gonna do when you realise it and you have abilities like these? And you’re definitely not the only one cat-like human in the universe. And on top of that somebody is hunting for you…

Finally, Celia Thompson’s book blockbuster originally released in 2004 is on your screens as a TV series with Skyler Samuels as Chloe King! The Thompson’s book was very popular among American teenagers and high-school audience, so when TV series and movies for younger audience became more and more popular, there was a right time to breath a second life into this character. Not so many time has passed since the end of “Buffy”, “Twilight” was in the full swing, and now it’s time for a new teenage queen, the Goddess for young girls and sexual idol for their boys. Of course, a lot of audience of the TV series never heard of “The Nine Lives Of Chloe King” book before, so you can be sure that sales of Celia Thompson’s book was really good after the end of this movie.

Ten one hour long episodes contains a perfect mix of drama, action, fantasy, romantic, and no one can remain indifferent of this addictive movie! On top of this you can find a good script, perfect roleplay and thrilling Skyler Samuels’s affairs with Benjamin Stone. And of course, this is a beautiful nowadays fairytale with romance and fantasy where the good wins the evil and everybody is happy. It’s only one season in the TV series, but maybe it’s much much better than the neverending story with less dynamics and less thrill. Beware, it can be addictive!

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