The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring adaptations books read online (Television or Film)

In the mid-50s of the last century John. R. R. Tolkien wrote a book «The Lord of the Rings», which for many people has become an icon of the fantasy genre. Along with the book, he created an entire fictional universe thought out to the last detail, which over the years collected the whole army of fans. And at the beginning of the new millennium Hollywood filmed all three parts of this trilogy. Directed by Peter Jackson, the movie won worldwide fame thanks to this trilogy.

The first film was “The Fellowship of the Ring”. The plot is simple and at the same time it’s original and interesting.

Long ago seven Rings of Power were forged. These rings gave power over the peoples of Middle-earth. They were handed over to lords of humans, elves and dwarfs. But the Dark Lord of Mordor, Sauron secretly forged another ring — the One Ring, which gave authority over all the other rings. He began to conquer other ethnics, but in the final battle alliance of men and elves managed to defeat Sauron. Then, after 3000 years the One Ring was found by hobbit Bilbo. He treasured it for a long time, but had to leave his native village, and the ring came down to his nephew Frodo. Wizard Gandalf the Grey was in the village at that time, he recognized the One Ring and told Frodo about it. From that moment a journey of Frodo to Mount Doom began. Only there it was possible to destroy the One Ring. During the journey eight companions joined him and together they formed the so-called Fellowship.

It needs to be said that the journey is really exciting. Every detail of Middle-earth is thought out very carefully. All battle scenes are great. Visual effects can not be compared with the best modern examples, but for 2001 it looks great. Amazes that the actors playing hobbits are not so short people, but throughout the film it looks so even when they are in frames with people.

Musical accompaniment by Howard Shore is just amazing, whether it’s a battle or a rest in the Elven forest.

Each can decide what is the main thing in this film. Some will argue that friendship, true friendship. Others may say that this is a film about the war between good and evil, or is a film about love.

The film will be liked almost by everyone. Almost a perfect fairy tale, which will not be indifferent to the viewer.

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