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«The Return of the King» is a movie based on the third book of «The Lord of the Rings» series written by John R. R. Tolkien. The movie begins with the fact that the hobbits Frodo and Sam, using Gollum as a guide, continue their way to Mount Doom. Frodo believes the swore in allegiance Gollum, but Sam realizes that Gollum tries to destroy them as soon as possible — after all he is under the in the grasp of the Ring. Gollum plots and tries to embroil hobbits.

Meanwhile, forces of Mordor, under the control of the Witch King, gradually wipe out town after town, occupy Gondor. However, the final battle they after all lose.

Standing on the edge of a precipice, Frodo realizes that he can not destroy the One Ring, puts it on and announces his. However, Gollum robs him and after a brief fight falls into the mouth of the volcano with the ring. With the destruction of the ring, Sauron’s citadel is also destroyed, and the army of Mordor takes flight.

This movie is very unusual and memorable not only for its symbolism, that stands out the fact that it is the end. In terms of maturity, in terms of the frame fullness, of the level of battles, of scenery and special effects — all over this, this part beats the previous ones, repeatedly increasing not only the personal cult classic, but also a culturological influence of the entire trilogy.

The third picture of «The Lord of the Rings» is the result of an immensely successful connection of the spirit of the creator and his sense of purpose in the movie creation. All ideas about Middle-earth Jackson has embodied in this film. Yes, his headaches and nervous breakdowns were terrible and awful, though fully justified by an incredible amount of extras, which had to be managed: 20600 actors in the scenes of large battles, an incredible number of different «thumbnails» locations whose size often exceeded three, and four meters, up to more than eight, which already more like a full-size structure. Well, even the open spaces, on which a realization of the project took place, were enormous.

«The Return of the King» is a real masterpiece.

Cinematic universe of Peter Jackson, created through the inspiration from the texts of Sir John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, is finished.

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